This web-book contains conversations from my class at Biodesign School, interactions with start-ups I coach, teams of students I mentor across multiple universities.
If you are curious why we are doing this, you might want to have a look at Why?

This web-book is a culmination of efforts of these people:

Manisha Laroia
This would not have gone online without Manisha (my favourite student!) pestering me for adhering to my advice "great is the enemy of good enough!" (I wanted a perfect version in 2020!!). She has an amazing sense of typography, design, and system mapping. Manisha is collating, editing and beautifying content. In short she is the one who is helping connect the dots of random conversations into a coherent story. Thanks Manisha :)

2018 Batch of Biodesign.School
This year we have Indo-Australian and Indo-Japanese teams working to solve global healthcare challenges. They are (in alphabetical order)
a. Aniket Kulkarni
b. Asish Mohandas
c. Charlotte Robertson
d. Deepika Dixit
e. Karthik P.B.
f. Nirmal Kumar
g. Yasuyuki Matsuura

Thank you team for the wonderful conversations, and putting out pages from your notebook for the greater good!